Though we do have many plants on hand, our regular inventory may not be sufficient to meet your needs on a very large project. As many companies have discovered, the crucial element to assure availability of the native plants you may need is through a contract growing arrangement with us here at Hoʻolawa Farms. Planning ahead with us as your partner, we can help you secure all of the plants that you may need when you need them.


Contact us with a list of plants you would like to request early!

Plants vary and timing varies. Usually a 6 - 9 month lead time will be sufficient. Depending on plant requirements and time of year a much shorter turnaround is possible. In some cases more time will be needed. We are happy to produce material from a specific source or seed. Planning ahead is crucial, we need time to collect the material from the site and produce it.


 Every contract is unique and we tailor each one to meet your specific needs. Contracts must meet a minimum of $1,000. Please contact us for more details.